Our values

The future belongs to those happy!


The Lauritzen group exist with the fundamental objective to create a forum, where we can make a difference to the employees, to the company and not a least our customers. This is done through our values, which is our guide in a challenging daily life and hereby contributes to the strengthening of our unity internally and our profile outwardly. 


To keep focus on a fine work environment and to avoid stress, we profess the following.




  • We endeavor always to have a positive spirit.
  • We will not let ourselves be influenced by negative energy, and will address it when we encounter it. 
  • We know that a good environment start with ourselves.
  • We will create good relationships, and at the same time create business - as well externally and internally.
  • We stand by our work place.
  • We listen and help each other in everybody's interest and talk to each other in a good tone. 
  • We recognize that we are all different, but that it is a strength.  


Our Mission


  • We utilize our expertise and tight integration with our customers to keep competitors out and even create a platform for growth abroad.


  • We keep our focus on the demands of our customers’ requirements of quality, HSE and contract management.


  • We leverage our know-how, location and permissions to create a lead of Esbjerg port.

Our Vision


As a full-service offshore-service provider we must have the courage to do things in another way, and at the same time be uncompromising with our quality. We must seek out the possibilities and be proactive in our approach to customers and markets, and hereby create a platform for growth.



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Did you know

"We constantly support all our employees performance and development by focusing on their development and providing a good and safe environment... Safety being a top priority of course


Michael Rühe, General Manager