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Jutlandia Terminal A/S is part of Harbour Group Holding which, in addition to Jutlandia, consists of A/S J. Lauritzen's Eftf., founded in 1884.


Jutlandia is a full-service offshore provider established in 1973. We are dedicated to providing a high level of service and strong individual commitment.


Based at the port of Esbjerg, we provide all "requirements" for the local exploration and production in the North Sea. Worldwide we are operating at 300 destinations, and we have three big modern warehouses and outdoor storage, including facilities for storage of pipes and tanks.


Furthermore, the office in Port of Aarhus offer services as Agency, Stevedoring, Terminal, and Wind logistics


Together with our many years of experience, we have a strong and innovative leadership, which makes us an attractive partner for our customers, suppliers and employees. That is why we strive to attract the best employees, which also include a strong focus on their job satisfaction and well-being.


We believe that happy employees make happy and satisfied customers.



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"We constantly support all our employees performance and development by focusing on their development and providing a good and safe environment... Safety being a top priority of course


Michael Rühe, Director