Our values

The future belongs to those happy!


Harbour Group Holding exist with the fundamental objective to create a forum, where we can make a difference to the employees, to the company and not a least our customers. This is done through our values, which is our guide in a challenging daily life and hereby contributes to the strengthening of our unity internally and our profile outwardly. 


To keep focus on a fine work environment and to avoid stress, we profess the following.

Our mission


We offer capable "one-stop" services to customers in Europe within transport, logistics, agency and stevedoring. Thereby we create a platform for growth and optimisation.


We create profit for our shareholders, and thereby ensure a reliable workplace for our employees for the future Our vision


Our vision

We will create value for our customers through a proactive commercial focus, and hereby increase our growth by 50% before year 2020. 




  • We are motivated by our customers and exist to bring values into their day. We anticipate their needs and strive to surpass their expectations
  • We respect the individual and believe that people treated with respect and given responsibilities will response by contributing their best 
  • We guard and preserve the company's resources with the same care as were it our own personal and private resources
  • In all aspects, we are friendly, courteous, fair, empathetic and always trustworthy. We are loyal towards our workplace
  • A good working environment starts with ourselves. We always have a positive spirit. We do not accept negative energy, and will address it when we encounter it




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Did you know

"We constantly support all our employees performance and development by focusing on their development and providing a good and safe environment... Safety being a top priority of course


Michael Rühe, Director