Lighthouse is the digital platform for port calls at Jutlandia

Follow stevedore and vessel operations live on the go through a web interface that integrates the various operations and tasks relating to a port call .

This means that info relating to port calls are easy accessible, including email notifications on changes to ea. ETA, departure time or loading operation, and uploading of documents makes it easy to find stowage plans, NOR, drawings, PDA, etc.

On completion of the project B/L, SOF, Mates receipt and T2L etc. are auto generated and ready to sign.

Project reports with data collecting

Lighthouse gives an intuitive and clear overview of each project with the possibility to go back in in time and see all your projects.

Lighthouse also collects data on loading times of the various components, and a project report is issued with a complete overview of the operation. Report generating can be done on a project, year to date, monthly or client specific basis using BI software.

Quality assurance

Cargo damages are recorded in the system via photo documentation and incidents report are sent directly to the relevant parties on completion of the project.   

 In short - no more phone calls for updates to the agent or the stevedore supervisor, when using the agency, terminal and stevedore services at Jutlandia, as everything is integrated into Lighthouse, with full operational  transparency.



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