Kick off day with the new Board of Directors

Kick off day with the new Board of Directors

A/S J. Lauritzen’s Eftf. and Jutlandia Terminal A/S strengthen the Board of Directors to accelerate our vision and equip us with additional strong competencies ensuring to fulfill our full potential. 

The 30th of January 2018 we announced the new composition of our Board of Directors including a new chairman and a further extension of the board members.  

Friday the 2nd of March our new chairman, Kim Hedegaard Sørensen and the owners Kasper and Kristian Svarrer had the pleasure of hosting the first Board Meeting with the new and extended Board of Directors for Lauritzen and Jutlandia, at our headquarter in Esbjerg. The entire day was spent on getting to know each other, meeting the employees of the two companies, and matching expectations between the management team and the board.

“Kasper and Kristian have done a tremendous job in putting a new and very strong board together. I am personally very happy to be part of the team and I am looking forward to be working with the employees, the management and the rest of the board for a successful future”, says Kim Sørensen.


The New Board of Directors

The two primary operating companies in Harbour Group Holding have just introduced Kim Hedegaard Sørensen as the new chairman of the board, taking over the position for Kasper Svarrer. Kasper Svarrer has wished to step more into the background of the family company and has therefore handed over the responsibility for the two companies to Kim Hedegaard Sørensen.

Kim Hedegaard Sørensen has an extended international experience from the transport industry from Maersk Group, as CEO of Blue Water Shipping and currently as CCO for Panalpina in Europe.

“We are very humble to have been able to draw in a competence as Kim to our family business where our strong values ​​and desire for growth has been a major motivation factor for Kim”, says Kasper Svarrer.

The Board is further strengthened with Ulf Preisler, IT Director of Danske Fragtmænd and Jens Peter Thomsen, CEO at Ocean Team Scandinavia.   Ulf has incredibly strong IT skills, being one of the best in his field in the country. Digital solutions are important competitive- and growth parameters in the transport industry and therefore we upgrade our competences.   Jens Peter knows the Oil, Gas and Wind industry in depth, comes with great international experience and furthermore has a developmental approach which we think is unique and can be beneficial to our companies.

We are looking very much forward to the cooperation in the board with the additional skills and people who have joined us.

We are also looking forward to the journey we are heading in a very changeable world, especially because we are confident that the potential of J. Lauritzen and Jutlandia Terminal is far from being met yet.

New composition of the Board: 

  • Kim Hedegaard Sørensen, CCO Panalpina
  • Ulf Preisler, IT Director Danske Fragtmænd
  • Jens Peter Thomsen, CEO Ocean Team Scandinavia 
  • Kasper Svarrer, owner J. Lauritzen's Eftf. & Jutlandia Terminal, Management Maj Invest
  • Kristian Svarrer, owner/CEO J. Lauritzen's Eftf. & Jutlandia Terminal
  • Mikael Würtz, Lawyer and Partner Dahl Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Jørn Johansen, Group CEO Skanlog A/S


Bruce Boyle
Noble Drilling - Drilling Superintendent
"..the way things are taken care of can often depict how an organization is run. When it comes to medical situations, it is very important that the proper steps are taken and the advice from Tommy & Mette yesterday on how we should proceed was clear and very professionally put across.
I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance on this matter and please pass on mine and the Willem’s sincere thanks for doing what you do.

Thanks, Bruce"
Jørgen Laursen
H.H. Danship - Manager
Vi har et godt og tæt samarbejde med Jutlandia. Gode relationer og generelt et rigtig samarbejde på alle niveauer.

Hovedårsagen til at vi har valgt at bruge Jutlandia, er fordi de tilbyder frokost og fordi Kjeld altid bringer kaffe med på kajen.
Spøg til side.. Jutlandia har altid styr på tingene og ved hvad de laver. De har nogle gode og erfarene folk.