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What are the rules around mustering and start of loading and unloading operations?

To ensure the highest degree of flexibility, we can hire in port workers from day to day. This means that we are able to muster at eg. 07.00 AM, for start-up the same day. The port workers hired will then put on their PPE an arrive at vessel 07.30 AM.

When do the port workers have their breaks during the day? 

To ensure Safety and occupational health a number of daily breaks (meals and coffee breaks), will be held according to local collective agreements and regulations. The break depend on the type of job we are handling and will be enlightened for each specific task. If you have any questions according to the breaks on the Port of Esbjerg, please contact our stevedore department at stevedoring@jut.dk

What are the rules for lashing?

As per March 1, 2018, the vessels own crew may perform lashing. However, if cargo are of RoRo type, the port workers at the Port of Esbjerg are entitled to do the lashing according to local agreements. If you are in doubt, feel free to ask Jutlandia and we will guide you to the best and most cost effective solution.

Why do we have to use port workers?

All handling from vessels to the dock on port areas must accrue port workers being members of “Losseklubben”. Use of port workers further ensure safer operations.

What type of cargo are the vessel allowed to load and unload without use of port workers?

Jutlandia leads and carries out the operation with the port workers to maintain safety in all loading and unloading operations. The port workers are very experienced and will along with a Supervisor from Jutlandia ensure that all operations will be performed as per customers’ specifications (lifting plans etc.). The vessels crew may load and unload items that are included in the vessels classification (engine parts etc.), and food for crew. However If you are in doubt, feel free to ask Jutlandia, and we will guide you to the best and most cost effective solution.

Why can we be asked to shift during our port call?

The port of Esbjerg is a very busy port. Therefore shifting may occur when a vessel is staying alongside due to shelter waiting time.

How many days are included in port dues?

Vessel can stay alongside for 7 days and be covered under one single port due fee.

 Is congestion normally experienced in Port of Esbjerg?

No, we rarely experience congestion, but weather can be a decisive factor.

Who decides which safety equipment should be used during loading / unloading operations?

This is a decision made by Jutlandia. Our decisions are based on current legislation, which Jutlandia is constantly aware of. In addition, there may be further measures which will always emerge in the wishes of the customers, and must as a minimum be considered as improvements, i.e. extension of legislation.

Are Jutlandia able to handle everything regarding our vessel?

Yes. Jutlandia has for many years provided one stop solutions to our customers. We are able to handle everything from port handling, booking, agency, stevedoring, logistic setups etc.

How about transport from the harbour, are Jutlandia able to help us in This matter? 

Yes. Jutlandia has a large network of carriers with whom we have beneficial agreements. Similarly, our sister company Lauritzen is to a great extent deliverable with transport solutions for example palletized goods. All coordination can be handled by Jutlandia.


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Bruce Boyle
Noble Drilling - Drilling Superintendent
..the way things are taken care of can often depict how an organization is run. When it comes to medical situations, it is very important that the proper steps are taken and the advice from Tommy & Mette yesterday on how we should proceed was clear and very professionally put across.
I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance on this matter and please pass on mine and the Willem’s sincere thanks for doing what you do.

Thanks, Bruce
Jørgen Laursen
H.H. Danship - Manager
Vi har et godt og tæt samarbejde med Jutlandia. Gode relationer og generelt et rigtig samarbejde på alle niveauer.

Hovedårsagen til at vi har valgt at bruge Jutlandia, er fordi de tilbyder frokost og fordi Kjeld altid bringer kaffe med på kajen.
Spøg til side.. Jutlandia har altid styr på tingene og ved hvad de laver. De har nogle gode og erfarene folk.