The perfect base for your offshore activities


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The perfect base for your offshore activities

Esbjerg is Denmark's port to the west, providing direct access to both the Scandinavian and Northern European markets as well as the oil and gas fields, and the offshore wind-farms in the North Sea.



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Duty phone numbers:


Offshore base & agency: +45 70 22 14 91

Offshore chemicals: +45 70 22 14 92

Stevedoring: +45 75 45 11 11

Container duty phone: +45 23 43 94 16

Aarhus Office: +45 79 12 88 88







Offshore  base

Our offshore base at the Port of Esbjerg is more than 30 years old, and we have one of the most experienced and best solutions in Esbjerg for the oil and gas industry.


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Wind logistics

The wind industry is an important part of the port. At Jutlandia, we can handle towers, hubs, nacelles, blades, spinners and much more with our own equipment.


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Port agency and stevedoring

At Jutlandia we have our own port agency and stevedore department. They work closely together to ensure a quick and efficient turnaround for all vessels in port. 

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