Our history 

The story of Jutlandia Terminal, which started as part of J. Lauritzen's Eftf., Goes a long way back - exactly back to 1884.
Jutlandia Terminal is not established before 1973, but has an exciting history behind it.

Throughout the years the company has been through remarkable development. It has been and is still in constant development.

Esbjerg Harbor is being built

It was decided to build the port of Esbjerg in 1868 because Denmark had lost the port of Altona in connection with the defeat of Prussia. With the loss of Altona Harbor, Denmark needed a new port to the west.

Esbjerg havn anlaegges
Etablering a J. Lauritzen

J. Lauritzen was established as a trading company of timber by Ditlev Lauritzen in Esbjerg.

Ditlev sees new opportunities in shipping and acquires his first damper, "Uganda" in 1888.

Ditlev Lauritzen by F Vermehren
J. Lauritzen moves to Copenhagen

After a very active effort for the city and the harbor of Esbjerg Ditlev Lauritzen moves the company J. Lauritzen to Copenhagen.

i 1918 J. Lauritzen shipbrokers Esbjerg, is sold and taken over by Consul A.C.M. Schmidt.

J. Lauritzen's Eftf.

The company changes its name to J. Lauritzen's Eftf. to avoid confusion with the company J. Lauritzen in Copenhagen.

koebenhavn vesterbros passage 1914 brugt 586
A. N. Svarrer enters the company

Anders Nielsen Svarrer are employed as apprentices. After completing his education in 1939, he travels abroad to work, returns to Denmark, and works in Copenhagen for a number of years.

Back to Esbjerg
A.N. Svarrer becomes co-owner

in 1947 A.N. Svarrer returns to Esbjerg and joins the company in 1952 as a co-owner.

IMG 5630
A.N. Svarrer becomes sole proprietor

Ship-owner A.N. Svarrer takes over J. Lauritzen’s Eftf. as sole proprietor.

Knud Svarrer enters the company after having finished his commercial shipping education.

When it all begins
The beginning of Jutlandia Terminal

J. Lauritzen’s Eftf. Shipbrokers are turned into a limited company, A/S J. Lauritzen’s Eftf.

In the same year, in collaboration with Alfragt A / S, a stevedore and warehouse company, which develops into JUTLANDIA Terminal ApS, is being launched.


DPP 8 AT Luftfoto 11 Oversigtsbilleder
Generational change
Knud Svarrer takes over J. Lauritzen's Eftf.

A.N. Svarrer passes away and his son, Knud Svarrer, takes over the company.

IMG 5628
Jutlandia Terminal is established

JUTLANDIA Terminal ApS, consisting of warehouses of 8400 m2 and 40,000 m2 open area, is inaugurated.

U3B3440 1900
New premises at the Port of Esbjerg

A/S J. Lauritzen’s Eftf. Esbjerg moves into new offices of 1100 m2 in the centre of the harbor of Esbjerg.

Gl. bygning 1
The first job as an offshore base

JUTLANDIA Terminal has its first job as an offshore base in collaboration with J. Lauritzen's Eftf.

Complete ownership of Jutlandia

A/S J. Lauritzen’s Eftf. takes over Jutlandia Terminal ApS as sole proprietor and turns it into a Limited Company.

Co-ownership of Seaport Stevedoring

JUTLANDIA Terminal A/S becomes co-owner of Seaport Stevedoring. 

IMG 5623
Full ownership of Seaport Stevedoring

After 4 years as co-owner, Jutlandia acquires 100% ownership of Seaport Stevedoring. 

Generational change
Kasper and Kristian Svarrer takes over the company

Knud Svarrer passes away and his two sons, Kasper og Kristian Svarrer, takes over the company. 

Gl2. bygning 1 kasper og kristian svarrer
Business modernisation
Our office building is getting a makeover

The beginning of a general modernisation of the company.
The office building at the port of Esbjerg  is being renovated and renewed inside and outside. 

U3B3291 1901
The first set of values
Our values

The first set of values is introduced in Jutlandia and our sister company J. Lauritzen´s Eftf. in 2011 with the slogan "The future belongs to the happy!". The value set initially concerned internal communication among employees, but was updated in 2014 and again in 2017 to also include our customers and our responsibilities in the world.

The values ​​are incorporated into the company, where in all situations we will try to contribute to our own and others happiness.  

See our values here (only in Danish)  

Vaerdi Plakat 2022
Seaport Stevedoring becomes a part of Jutlandia

Seaport Stevedoring mergers with Jutlandia along with all its services.

Same year Jutlandia acquires 6000 m2 of new warehouses.

A new board of Directors
Adding in great ressources

The board is expanded and a new board chairman is appointed. The board now consists of some of the country's greatest competences, who handle the overall strategic management of the company and guide the executive board.

Read more about the board of directors here 

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